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Welcome to Hoomina

Manufacturer of traditional sweets and yufka dough in Tabriz, Iran

The founder of "Hoomina" souvenir hangout company is a producer of all kinds of traditional sweets and semi-prepared foods and yufka dough with advanced methods and machines in Iran. Has entered the field of food production. It is hoped that with the care of God Almighty and the constructive opinions of dear consumers, it will lead to the increasing progress and development of this collection.

Burke is made using yufka dough, which is one of Homina products. You can serve this product as a complete meal. In the cooking training section, you will be offered a variety of cooking methods.

Burke is one of the most delicious dishes in Turkey. There are different types of burqa, including meat burqa, chicken burqa, vegetable burqa, cheese burqa, and so on. This food can be used as a main meal, dinner, or appetizer. Since burk is one of the foods that can be prepared the day before the party and only fried on the day of the party, so it is a good option for parties and celebrations and you can always prepare one of its types and in Make a list of your party food.

There are no restrictions for decorating yufka dough and its ingredients. You can decorate it in different ways and fry it with different materials and combinations


With various flavors in fully mechanized packages

Ready to sign international production contracts

Meetings / Offices / Conferences / Hotels / Guesthouses

Different designs of birthday cakes can be made according to customers' requests. Print the image on the cake with special edible colors

Ready to receive all kinds of orders for schools and colleges by offering special discounts and on-site delivery in various packages

Different designs of wedding cakes according to the customer's request using fondant and various food decorations and free delivery on site

A wide range of Hoomina products

Try the real taste of Tabriz original souvenirs with Homina