Chef Monica Reyes together with Sous-Chef Ralph Hawkins offer you perfect cooking, best served dishes made from fresh ingredients by using old recipes. We have only carefully sourced and seasonal ingredients in our disposal to make home-made dishes.


In assortment we offer different menus that perfectly replace your full lunch or dinner. Choose a menu according to your tastes.


We provide only fresh meat. For set offer a choice of six different, but equally delicious sauces: cheese, ketchup, barbecue, sweet and sour, curry, mayonnaise


Unique vegetarian menu will help you to enjoy delicious non-meat dishes, keep your health and fit.

 We follow the highest standards at all stages of production. Equipment used in the cooking process, is certified in accordance with all international norms and requirements.

  We are a team of like-minded, for whom the highest value of the enterprise are users. Product quality and safety - our priority.

  We create opportunity, nurture the talents, develop leaders and reward achievements. We believe that the team of well-trained individuals with unique life experiences, working together in an environment that promotes mutual respect and participation in the common cause is the main condition for our future growth.

  We take seriously the responsibilities imposed on the leader. We help our customers build a better society through various socially oriented programs and charity events. We use our size, scale and resources to make the world a better place.

 Common quality standards for all establishments of the network, ranging from the design process, design development and ending with the formation of assortment and pricing policy, work with the personnel.

  A flexible approach to pricing, a landmark on the possibility of consumers, strict control over the level of service - is the credo of our company. We are a team of like-minded, for whom the highest value of the enterprise are clients.

  We always try to be at the center of the most important events for youth and participate in exhibitions, concerts, expositions, markets - we are where interesting, we are at the center of events. No other cafes of similar format with this as we are