Company food safety policy

Hoomina Company is one of the well-known companies in the field of production of all kinds of flour and non-flour sweets and semi-finished bread (yufka dough) in Iran. Emphasizing the principles of food safety management system, the company has selected the international standard ISO 22000: 2005 as the executive model. In this regard, the company expresses its goals within the framework of the following axes and the management of the factory as well as other employees who are considered the main assets of the company work to achieve these goals:
- Creating the ground for effective communication and public participation
- Observance of all legal requirements and regulations for food safety
- Controlling any hazards in any part of the food chain
- Continuous improvement in the field of food safety
- Continuous and continuous training in order to improve the knowledge and awareness of staff
- Improving the company's health infrastructure
Therefore, in this regard, the senior management of the organization is committed to meeting the requirements of the standard and creating the necessary communication inside and outside the organization and tries to create a process of continuous improvement by holding management review meetings and approving appropriate solutions. Be organized. Therefore, it asks all employees to help the organization in order to achieve these goals, through the correct and timely performance of their duties within the framework of legal requirements and standards of practice.